MarketPlaceCX Makes All Your B2B Buying and Selling More Profitable, Much Faster, and Far Easier.

Imagine B2B eCommerce with the convenience of Amazon, but built to suit your specific business needs.

Whether you're buying or selling, MarketPlaceCX gives you the flexibility and one-stop-shop convenience to completely streamline any buying or selling scenario.

Whether you're looking for more nimble and flexible alternatives to eProcurement, or your looking to maximize your eProcurement investment, MarketPlaceCX offers a full spectrum of solutions to optimize spend and simplify supplier management.

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Purchasing Managers
Procurement Managers
Supplier / Contract Managers
eProcurement Managers
Strategic Sourcing Professionals
Purchasing Coop Groups
Group Purchasing Organizations

Whether you're looking to land bigger clients and contracts, or you're looking to retain your key clients and keep competitors at bay, MarketPlaceCX offers flexible and powerful solutions to please even the most demanding customers.

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Promo vendors
Sales Groups

Get the most from your B2B e-commerce buyer - seller relationships.

Our Features and Benefits help everybody win.

Thousands of businesses… millions of users…

have bought and sold billions in B2B goods and services

using CoreXpand’s proven technology

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