MarketplaceCX Features and Benefits

for Suppliers and Vendors

Want to keep your biggest customers and win more bids? Give them more of what they want from supplier catalogs.

Industry leading functionality lets you offer the most adaptable features and functions on the market.

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Automated PO Processing Option

MarketplaceCX receives your customer orders from their eprocurement system via PO cXML. If you choose, the system can directly add this order into your system in whatever method you prefer. Note: This saves huge amounts of time which impacts bottom line profit. One MarketplaceCX customer saved $150,000 in annual labor costs using this method over manual order processing.

Proprietary eInvoicing Option

Many purchasing organizations require eInvoicing. MarketplaceCX has mastered this technology. Not only does it make your customers happy and meet contract requirements, it generally gets you paid faster.

NO Transaction Fees

Other punchout integration companies charge transaction fees on the sales you make. In short, they’re taking a chunk of your profit right out of your pocket, on top of the monthly fee. MarketplaceCX doesn’t charge transaction fees. Ever. This can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month.

Fully Adaptable Page Functions

Because MarketplaceCX is built on a powerful B2B eCommerce platform that has been perfected for over 15 years, you have greater adaptability with your catalogs. This means any customer requirement, preference, or need can be met, helping you win more bids and keep more customers happy. See examples of the kinds of things you can do by clicking here.

Proprietary Functions Buyers Love

Automated Request for Quote Tool, Automated Catalog Audit Functions and more give your buyers greater confidence and convenience. These functions inspire a preference to order from your site over your competitors. That means more sales, more often.

Universal MarketplaceCX Platform

Our proprietary technology allows you to connect with any customer's e-procurement system.

Proven, reliable technology platform

MarketplaceCX is a product of CoreXpand, a B2B eCommerce solutions provider. For over 15 years, CoreXpand has delivered rock-solid, reliable B2B eCommerce sites for thousands of businesses and millions of users. Our solutions have processed billions of dollars in transactions for Fortune 500 companies, government entities, large universities, and more.

Rapid Catalog Replication

Once your catalog data has been loaded into the MarketplaceCX platform, you can create new catalogs with point and click ease through our powerful Admin Console.

Level 2 Punchout Catalogs and Beyond

CoreXpand allows you to offer the highest current industry standard Level 2 PunchOut Catalogs. We continually refine and improve our own capabilities, so you can be confident you're providing your customers the best possible catalogs. As new standards arise, you can rest assured that CoreXpand will help you stay at the cutting edge for your customers and prospects.

RFQ (Bid) Response and Sales Assistance

Our seasoned team of eprocurement experts have worked with many eprocurement purchasing organizations, including complex government entities. They'll not only help you communicate your capabilities to your prospects and customers, they'll even help you close the deal by providing online demonstrations of your catalogs and the MarketplaceCX system.

Back-end Systems Interface for Your Customers

Where applicable, you can offer your customers backend systems interfacing, such as eInvoicing, accounting systems and more.

Rock Solid Performance

All the great pages and functions in the world don’t mean anything if your page doesn’t perform when the buyer needs it. Our platform is proven – with Fortune 500 companies, government entities, across thousands of business applications.

Robust Reporting Engine

A powerful reporting engine lets you track, report, and analyze sales and customer data for one or all your catalogs.

Supplier-Friendly PunchOut Setup Process

After working with thousands of businesses, we know what it takes to get the job done. Our easy-to-follow, service oriented process helps you get setup as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Easy Catalog Management

Whether you have one catalog or one hundred, you can make changes and updates to a single catalog, or all catalogs at once through a user-friendly Admin Console.

Fast, Friendly Customer Support

Our dedicated, experienced team of PunchOut experts are committed to your success and satisfaction. If good customer service is measured by "going the extra mile", then our team is made up of marathon runners.

Internal Training and Support for Your Staff

CoreXpand offers sales and marketing webinars to arm your staff with the ecommerce and eprocurement knowledge they need to turn your PunchOut capabilities into more sales.

Adaptable Commerce Engine (ACE) Technology

The fact is, not all your customers have eprocurement systems. But the ACE technology behind MarketplaceCX allows you to create the same customized buyer/shopper experiences for your entire customer base, even those without eprocurement software.

Powerful Referral Network

Because we work with numerous purchasing organizations, we can help connect you with buyers who are eagerly looking for PunchOut capable suppliers.

Customer Contract Compliance

Proprietary functionality allows you to offer a level of security and peace of mind your competitors can't match. This helpsyour customers reduce the need for internal supplier catalog audits and provides a greater level of customer satisfaction knowing that your PunchOut catalog is always in compliance with your contract.

Easy Hosted Catalog Conversions

It's no secret that buyers prefer PunchOut catalogs over hosted or "line item" catalogs. If you're already in a customer's eprocurement system with a hosted catalog, we can help you quickly and easily convert it into a more buyerfriendly PunchOut experience.