MarketPlaceCX Testimonials.

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"Increased sales $30,000 in one month!"

"Last month, CoreXpand increased our sales $30,000 on just one store! MarketPlaceCX has easy tracking of inventory and orders, as well as inventory management – things that were not available with the other systems we looked at. It’s very user-friendly, has great tech support, is a good marketing tool, and is a good selling point for new programs." – Anita with Callard

"Even with the economy down, we're still busy!"

"Because of MarketPlaceCX, our online stores have really taken off. It has helped give us a whole other dimension to our business. Even with people having smaller budgets, we've still been able to add small stores. I really like the reporting features and rely heavily on them. CoreXpand has helped us increase our sales by having an online presence. Even with the economy down, we still have been very busy and that has helped keep us going." – Cindy with Imagination Branding

"Helped increase our sales by at least 20%!"

"With MarketPlaceCX, CoreXpand has enhanced our value to our customers and helped increase our sales by at least 20%. The biggest advantage to us has been the adaptability and compatibility of the system. It’s very user-friendly, and the stock reporting features are excellent." – John with Forrester Smith, Inc

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