Selected CoreXpand Testimonials.

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"Allowed us to get accounts onboard with our company"

“A few of the accounts we’ve got using CoreXpand’s online ordering system, we wouldn’t have been able to get without it. It’s allowed us to get accounts onboard with our company that in the past we wouldn’t have been able to. For the most part, they love it. They like the ease of use… yeah, they love it. I’d simply recommend it. "
- Wayne A. ,  Toshiba Business Solutions, Hawaii

"Everything is completed on one simple site"

“Before we were just using a general corporate e-commerce website. 90% of our business was by phone, which we’re trying to start switching. Once it’s set up, it’s simple. The biggest benefit is that once it’s completed, you never have to deal or do anything else with the customer.

Your orders always come through. The pricing is shown right there.

They are able to pay right there. Everything is completed on one simple site instead of us having to call back and forth to get all the information. We actually obtained the account by having the website. The first account that we set up produces anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 a month.

This last one we set up is projected to between $2,000 and $4,000 per month. Another thing that helped with this last account we set up was that there was a lot of manual reporting that they wanted done and now they can go onto the site and do it themselves… instead of one of us having to do a manual run of their account.

They love it… they love it. They like the fact that it’s so easy to navigate through, that everything is there on one spot instead of having to pick up the phone, calling and hope to get someone on the other end. They know they can go right on there and there orders will be processed.

I would definitely recommend it.

You guys are always there for us… always responding… it’s great.“

- Mary M.   Toshiba Business Solutions, Florida

"I have something to offer that my competitors do not."

 “My customers LOVE CoreXpand. They love the fact that only items they want are there. They do not have to search through thousands of items to find the one they are looking for. The approval process is easy to use, the reporting helps them to control inventory, and they are able to have full control of expenses.

They love the fact that they have a personalized procurement system in place without an added expense to the budget. I use it as the exclamation point to what makes doing business with Toshiba Business Solutions easy! With CoreXpand I have something to offer that my competitors do not.

It really adds value to what we offer so that we do not have to have the same "gimmicks" that our competitors use when selling office supplies. We plan to increase the use of CoreXpand without customers by 25% this year. Not only do we want to implement it with current customers who are already using Toshiba products, but we want to continue bringing in new customers by using the power of personalized online procurement as a major selling point!”

- Angie B., Toshiba Business Solutions, Kentucky

"Have an online store presence"

"We need to stay up with the technology, and we need the ability to have an online store presence to keep up with the competition. CoreXpand has helped us do that, and they’ve helped increase our sales." - Elvira with Advertising Novelties.

"Helped generate a 7-figure revenue!"

"Has CoreXpand helped us increase our sales? Yes, they helped one of our product lines become a generator of seven-figure revenue." – Ted with Chillybears.

"They have the go-to software!"

"Customer service with CoreXpand is top-notch. I usually get an email response within 20 minutes or so. We have six stores, and five of them are on Corexpand. We go to Corexpand before any other vendor. They have the go-to software." – Ryan with Commercial Marketing.

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